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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to TFI. So we’ve developed a Privacy Policy that covers how we collect, use, and store your information.

Collection of Personal Information

  • Here are some examples of the occasions TFI may collect personal infomation and use it:
  • When you place an order TFI products and when TFI manufacture, confirm and/or ship the products.
  • When you apply for services TFI provides and when TFI provide the services
  • When you answer questionnaires and when TFI collect and analyse the data, contact and/or ship rewards
  • When you apply for presents and/or gifts and when TFI contact and/or ship the presents
  • When you request for brochures, catalogues and/or flyers and when TFI contact and/or ship the documentations
  • When you give your ideas and/or questions and when TFI answer and/or contact
  • When you applye for career positions at TFI and when TFI contact you for feedback

Commitment to Your Privacy

  • TFI do not use personal information for any purpose unless specified in this privacy policy and without permission of the person.
  • If you request the reference and confirmation of your personal information please contact TFI. TFI is to duly respond your needs.
  • In case, TFI make documents, contents and/or statistical data, TFI do not disclose and/or publicate the personal information.

Legal Compliance

TFI observe laws and rules with regards to compliance of personal information and that adjust this privacy policy upon necessity.


  • TFI may use “cookies.” This technology help us improve products and services. We treat information collected by cookies as non-personal information. *”Cookies” is the data the server cognize to identify the user accessing to each web page. Your can refuse to recieve and/or delete the recieved data.
  • TFI’s website have links to outside of the site. For outside sites please refer the privacy policy at correspondent sites.
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