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MOU signing ceremony with Kenya Red Cross Society

On June 2nd, Toy Factory International (TFI) and Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) are mutually agreed and signed an MOU with regards that TFI are to donate one unit of Mobile Clinic to KRCS for their activity of Medical Outreach for those who are vulnerable. After the signing ceremony, they visited Okinawa Prefectural office for courtesy greeting to Mr. Ishou Urasaki the Deputy Governor and reported the project overview. Mr. Urasaki said, “We are glad to know TFI, one of manufacturers in Okinawa is having business with Africa, helping their healthcare needs.”

Mobile Clinic is a tool to provide medical services in so-called, “Doctorless Areas” and its demand has spread mainly in developing countries where medical infrastructure has not been adequately fulfilled. Inside Mobile Clinic looks like a mini-clinic. There are examination bed, IV holders, storages for medicines, refrigerator for cold-chain transportation possible. Also, it equips solar panel for power generation to supply necessary electricity for on-board devices and plasma cluster Sharp’s air purifier. KRCS has been conducting medical outreach project called, “IHOP (Integrated Health Outreach Project)” that initiated by Japanese Red Cross Society. The vehicle from TFI will be implemented at IHOP activities.

Mr. Fujii the President of TFI said, “We hope it helps makes preventive care in doctorless areas. We are extremely grateful that we make this project possible with the help of Toyota Motor Corporation and Sharp Corporation on top of our closely relationship with KRCS.” Dr. Said the Governor of KRCS told the press with expectations, “There are many places and areas where medical services are not sufficiently provided. We hope Mobile Clinic project spread all over Africa.”

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