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“Dr. Car Medical Outreach Project for Nepal”

ISAK ProjectNEPAL x Toy Factory International
“Dr. Car Medical Outreach Project for Nepal”

On April 25, 2015, the earthquake occurred at 15km northwest of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and killed over 8,000 and injured more than 14,000 (as of May 15, 2015). It was allegedly as strong as M7.9 and that collapsed buildings, triggered avalanches and landslides. It all caused devastating damages in many places in Nepal.

Facing such a catastrophe, three Nepali students at ISAK (International School of Asia, Karuizawa) have stood up and formed ISAK ProjectNEPAL in the aim of assisting its reconstruction.

ISAK ProjectNEPAL isn’t only raising money, but they spontaneously take actions to collect descent information from local authority, educational board, association of monks and others in order to understand what is really needed at the site. They visit there, during the intersession of school, for voluntarily work with the locals. So far, they have helped mend damaged and/or built schools and clinics that they are commended by the authority.

We TFI have got to know their activities through ISAK students and offered them a help. During our discussion, we learnt there are people living in remote areas who cannot receive the medical care because of geographical reasons. Moreover, the earthquake has made it even more difficult to access to a clinic.

ISAK ProjectNEPAL and TFI are mutually agreed to collaborate to attack this problem.

We named this project, “Dr. Car – Medical Outreach Project,” and its budget estimated nearly USD200,000.00 including Mobile Clinic (vehicle), medical equipment, medical consumables, operational costs etc.
Currently we search for fund or aid from Japanese government and any foundation, but we also need to raise funds from the public by the way of gofundme.

We hope those who read this message will join us help Nepal back again and its people get healthier regardless where they live.


gofundme “Dr. Car – Medical Outreach Project”

Images of Mobile Clinic
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