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Handing-over Ceremony of High-spec Doctor Car for the Raptores

As introduced before, TFI has acknowledged an order of Doctor Car for Raptores from “Christel Vie Ensemble Foundation,” established for protecting animals and provide animal welfare in Japan.

Upon completion of the vehicle, the handing-over ceremony was commemoratively taken place with involved parties gathered in Tokyo.

The foundation donates the vehicle of “High-spec Doctor Car for Raptores” to Dr. Saito who is a raptores veterinarian working at Hokkaido. From the beginning, Dr. Saito visited our office and actively joined the discussion about layout and design inside the vehicle for user-friendly operation.

Installed a surgical bed, incubator, ventilator and such, the vehicle is what Dr. Saito admiringly calls “High-spec Doctor Car for veterinary practice. This is what I’ve dreamed of for long years.” He also says, “Now that the diagnostic and treatment can be done on the spot thanks to devices onboard. It’s really useful especially at life-and-death situation.”

Introducing the only Doctor Car for Raptores in the world, the executive board of the foundation says, “We have a hope now. The hope that more wild animals and raptores can be saved by utilizing this vehicle.”

Toy Factory has been supporting Japan Guide Dog Association. Now we have achieved to support wild animals by another method and this is something we are proud of. We renew our determination to attain manufacturing vehicles for people and society.

Movie from Handing-over Ceremony:

Blog (The Madam executive board of the foundation)

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