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Delivered Promotional Vehicle for Japan’s 1st Mobile Hydrogen Station

On April 14, Toy Factory delivered a specially-designed promotional vehicle for accompanying “Hydro Shuttle”, the hydrogen providing mobile station, to NIMOHYSS, Nippon Mobile Hydrogen Station Services, LLC which is newly established and joint-funded by Toyota Tshusho, Iwatani and Taiyo Nippon Sanso. NIMOHYSS is located in Chiyoda district the heart of Tokyo.

“Hydro Shuttle,” the hydrogen provider with mobility, attracts rising attention as construction works of hydrogen station has been in lagging process due to that its movable ability. Also, compared to “fixed” station, Hydro Shuttle has some advantages such as only 30% of land required and 60% of construction period.

Japanese Government announced the strategic road map last year that helps widespread Japanese technology regarding “Hydrogen & Fuel Cell.” Toyota released the fully hydrogen –driven vehicle MIRAI with others giving chase.

Our promotional vehicle delivered to NIMOHYSS has been utilized in the aim of prevailing “Hydrogen & Fuel Cell” by accompanying Hydro Shuttle wherever it travels. The vehicle is used as a good resting station for those who awaits during fueling their hydrogen vehicle and as promotional vehicle which conducts a small seminar and other information activities.

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